8 Things to Consider Before Buying that Boat

Boat for SaleBuying a boat is not only an emotional commitment, it is definitely a financial one too. If you just buy a boat because the idea of being out on the water appeals to you, your dreams are going to sink soon after if you are not considering these 8 things that can affect your boat buying experience. Recently we had an opportunity to work with a leading boat consulting and listing agency, Boatmo.com.  They have given some great advice for us to post about finding that boat for sale.

1. Consider what you will be using the boat for. Don’t buy a fishing boat if you plan to be doing water skiing and partying with your friends.

2. Make sure you write down all the potential costs of owning a boat and average it into the monthly expenses. In addition to the boat cost, remember you have to pay for fuel, storage, maintenance, permits, licenses, insurance, equipment, and repairs.

3. Get in as many boats as possible to make certain you love the boating lifestyle before you invest a huge chunk of time and money.

4. Go ahead and check out a few local boating shows. Not only can you meet like-minded individuals who will answer all your questions and concerns, you can see what new technology is available in the latest boat releases.

5. Don’t assume you are getting the best dealing buying a new boat. Many people have to get out of their boat deals and will sell like-new boats packed with accessories for a fraction what you would pay for a brand new boat. Consider both carefully before buying.

6. Never pay the asking price of a boat, whether new or used. The asking price is just that, the price the seller “hoped” to get if the boat sells. With so many choices available, you set the terms and present an offer that is better for your needs.

7. Get to a local safety training class so you can see all the potential troubles that could occur miles from the shore line. When a storm catches you and your guests by surprise, you need to act quickly to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

8. Weigh the benefits of keeping the boat stored at the marina versus having to trailer it back home each time you want to go out for a ride on the seas. Docked at the marina is costly, but you can hit the water in a moments notice too!

Now that you know the 8 things you must consider before buying a boat, you should be in a better position to grab the right boat and have the best time with friends and family out on the water.